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If It's Not Them And Not You, Then What's Stopping You Getting Pregnant?

Want To Learn How To Get Pregnant Faster?

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"How To Change Your Fertility Journey In Just 30 days … Naturally"

My unique evidence based and clinically proven 100% natural IVF and fertility preparation course quickly opens the door to new possibilities, helping you to find exciting ways to increase your fertility and get pregnant faster. Learn more in the next few days than you have in the last 2 years! Join 1000' s of successful couples and change your fertility journey TODAY

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Do You Already Know You're Not Your Fertile Best?

If you have answered YES, I'm glad you found us. Stop striving and start arriving at your goal to quickly be your fertile best. Developed using the most new and exciting research and based on over 2 decades of clinical experience in managing the causes of infertility, my course promises to start improving your fertility in less than 30 days.

Learn more in the next few days on how to manage your fertility than you have in a year! It doesn't matter if you have been trying for years or have a health condition like PCOS, Endo, Fibroids or another disorder that causes, contributes to or is associated with infertility like digestive problems, autoimmune disease or chronic fatigue. Let me share my unique fertility framework on how to identify and manage your condition to super charge your fertility, get pregnant faster and have a healthy baby when you're ready. If you have been TTC for over a year, it's time to take a fresh approach and rethink your fertility strategy.

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Be Ready When The Time Is Right

Are you tired of investing time, money and emotions attending appointments? Do you feel exhausted and like you are getting nowhere? If you feel like your fertility journey is out of control, it’s time to take a step back and try a new approach to improving your fertility quickly so you can get pregnant when you're ready.

At BUMP® we know the importance of identifying underlying health problems when you want to have a baby. Research identifies both medically diagnosed health conditions and non condition specific causes to influence fertility in up to 30% of couples. Our BUMP® QUICK START course is researched and developed with the single objective of improving your fertility anywhere, anytime & fast, no matter how long you have been TTC, or how many IVF cycles you've failed. Regain confidence, control & stop the struggle now. Quickly learn how to naturally reclaim your fertility and improve your fertility fast.

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Want To Reclaim Your Natural Fertility?

With courses starting as low as $199 you can move past 'stumbling blocks' and get instant access to expert guidance on how to quickly and successfully manage your health with conditions and disorders that cause, contribute to, or are associated with infertility. Taking this fresh new approach to your fertility will make a difference. 

Why did we make this course? To give you the opportunity to stop striving and start arriving at your fertility goal. We coach you to find fast new ways to improve your fertility.  If you've tried diet, lifestyle and natural remedies, but still can't conceive, it's time to take a quick step back, reassess your health and get to the cause fast. Developed by Australia's leading integrative natural health expert Narelle Stegehuis, you will learn more in less than 30 days than you have in years. My promise to you is that you will start to improve your fertility in under 30 days. So what are you waiting for?

30 Days To Increase Your Chances


The IVF process is an expensive and stressful time which is why some quick and easy preparation before each cycle makes all the difference.

There are many factors that influence IVF outcomes, some that we can’t change (like maternal and paternal age) and others that most likely are modifiable with the right knowledge.

The good news is, research supports modifiable factors like  lifestyle (obesity and being overweight, insulin resistance, smoking and drug use) to account for up to 30% of couple struggling to conceive.

With the right knowledge, other medical factors like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and thyroid problems, or other  hormonal problems can be successfully managed to support healthy cycles and increase your odds of getting pregnant fast either naturally or with IVF.

Other not so common factors that can be quickly changed include digestive health, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders and underlying infection. This is why you need to stop taking chances and quickly find out why you can't get pregnant. 

My course is developed to help you prepare for your next IVF cycle and be your fertile best. My unique BUMP QUICK START course will dramatically increase your odds of getting pregnant in just 30 days.



Why Can't You Have  A Baby?

Perhaps you have already tried fertility diets, herbs, acupuncture or yoga?  Maybe you are already healthy? A healthy body is an all important part of fertility, but it takes more than that to have a fertile body. 

At BUMP® we see unexplained infertility as a symptom of an underlying complex health concern that's stopping you from getting pregnant. Perhaps you have other signs and symptoms like fatigue, bloating, skin problems, hair loss, problems sleeping, emotional changes or  problems maintaining a healthy body weight?

If you are one of the 30% of couples who can’t conceive because of an underlying health condition; expert sub fertility screening, professional guidance and natural solutions will improve your chance of a successful cycle and my BUMP® QUICK START course will show you how!


Want To Preserve Your Fertility?

Perhaps You're Not Ready To Have A Baby?

You may not be ready to have a baby, but you may want to prepare for a cycle of egg freezing or simply just want to make sure you keep your fertility on track for when you're ready one day. My BUMP QUICK START course guides and teaches you how to manage your fertility, so it's ready when you are.

Diagnosed health conditions like Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder, Premature Ovarian Failure, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts, Thyroid conditions, autoimmune problems  and digestive disorders like Celiac disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome all influence fertility potential. That's why I recommend my program to anyone who has not yet decided they don't want to conceive! If having a baby one day is not yet off the cards, then you need to look at natural ways to preserve your fertility NOW!



At BUMP, we know Managing Your Fertility is Easy, Effective and Affordable.

My unique evidence based and clinically proven BUMPĀ® Quick Start Course will open the door to new possibilities, helping you to find exciting ways to increase your fertility and get pregnant faster in as little as 30 days. You will improve your chances of getting pregnant easier and faster with BUMP. Why not take the first step today?


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